Monday, December 14, 2009

Our 2009 Christmas Card. Kate was NOT happy about taking pictures...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Snowboarding Weekend

This was our 4th snowboarding trip this season. We are hoping to squeeze in one more before all the snow melts!

Kyle snowboarding. He now goes on runs with Chad that I am too chicken to go down.

Brooke snowboarding. She is easy to spot on the mountain in her pink outfit.

Kate's fashion statement. This was the first thing I could find that somewhat fit her.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Our baby turned one! She is walking and trying to imitate everything her big sisters do.


Ashley just turned three and started preschool. She loves school, and most of all riding the bus. She had surgery on both of her eyes (OUCH!) but her vision is much better now.


Brooke started all day kindergarten this year. She loves to read and is the socialite of our family. She learned how to snowboard and wakeboard this year. But her favorite thing to do is just go tubing.


Kyle started the second grade this year. He loves school, playing with friends, playing soccer, and video games. He has gotten much better at snowboarding and learned how to wakeboard.

Chad and Joanna

This has been a great and fun year for our family. January thru March consisted of going up to Pinetop as much as we could to snowboard. Brooke and Kyle are getting the hang of it and love going.

We bought our first boat in March, and have taken it out almost every weekend since. Chad has taught the kids and I how to wakeboard, surf, and hold onto the tube for dear life so we don't get thrown off.

Chad is still working at Tiffany & Bosco, and working on building up his practice. I am set to graduate from BYU in December with a degree in business.

We have had a lot of trips this year, but the most memorable was taking all four kids to Hawaii for the Thanksgiving break. Flying with 4 kids wasn't fun at all, but besides that, we had a blast. Below are some of our favorite pics from the trip.
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Kate trying to figure out what sand is. Wild turkeys outside our condo.

The waterfalls at the Botanical Gardens.

The water was so blue!

Inside the lava tube.

On top of the volcano.

Steam from the volcano.

A sea turtle on a black sand beach.